Reds-Crew: In Their Words...

Toronto FC Interim Head Coach Nick Dasovic

On the goalkeeper scoring the Crew’s tying goal:
“I’ve seen in happen before back in England but I’m speechless. The ball will never drop for us and it dropped for them twice. The first goal hit out goalkeeper on the back and went in, and then their goalie scored the second goal!”

On the performance from his team:
“I was happy with everything about the performance today. The Toronto public wants to see passion, and that hasn’t always been there. It has been there on-and-off but everybody stuck to the game plan and they worked hard. They got stuck into tackles and they fought together. I’m not happy about guys getting sent off, but I’m happy that they stood up for each other.”

VIDEO: Maicon's sensational strike.

On 18-year-old Nicholas Lindsay making his first MLS start:
“He’s a kid that we have watched closely in training. He is very upbeat and positive when he plays and he is a great kid to have in the team and he wants to learn. He had a very good performance.”

Toronto FC midfielder Jacob Peterson

On the Crew goalkeeper scoring the game-tying goal:
“That right there sums up our season. You don’t see that happen very often. I thought we should have come out of the game with three points.”

On his goal (Toronto’s 2nd):
“Maicon was great today and Nicholas Lindsay was very positive going forward. They were both involved in the goal and it was a great ball from Nicholas, all I had to do was time the run well. All credit goes to Nicholas for the cross and if he keeps on developing I think he could be a really good player.”

Toronto FC midfielder Dan Gargan

On the game:
“We have to have pride in ourselves and the willingness to go out and still want to win; that is really the most important thing every time we step on the field. I thought we had energy all over the field and a willingness to fight for each other. I thought we were just a bit unlucky.”

On being made captain for the match:
“It was a really nice gesture from the coach. It is a special thing and a really great honour to lead the team, especially this one. Today it was a tough situation but it was special for us to stay together as a team and be unified. We still have games to play and we have to finish off strong.”

Columbus Crew head coach Robert Warzycha

Thoughts on tying the match:
“We want to win. 2-2 Is not a result that will satisfy us, but it was good that we finished the game the way we did. We were pushing for the goal and we got it.”

On his team’s performance:
“The energy was there and at times we played pretty well. We tried to play soccer and I think we were successful. The movement off the ball was good, especially late in the game. Eddie Gaven was getting behind and Robbie Rogers as well. We were getting in dangerous spots and getting a view of goal.”

“We pushed from the first minute. Sometimes we go out there and see how the game goes, but today we were going for the first goal, and we did. They tied it with a very good shot from Santos and the ball movement was difficult to save for Will. I am happy with the performance and getting the point but we wanted three.”

Columbus Crew Goalkeeper William Hesmer

On scoring the last minute game-tying goal:
“I have never gone into the box before but I thought, what do we have to lose? Chad Marshall headed it to me and I trapped it and brought it down right underneath me. I saw I had some time and saw a little alley. I didn’t really know what I was doing but I tried to pass it into the net and luckily it went in. It’s fluky no doubt about it.”

On the goal lifting the mood in the Crew camp:
“I still think we have a lot of work to do. We need to improve in a lot of areas, but at the same time you can feel the lightheartedness in here. Everybody is happy and joking and maybe it relieved a bit of the tension and pressure. We have still got some work to do. It wasn’t a pretty game on our end.”

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