De Ro: New Style Perfect For Me

TORONTO - Toronto FC’s players trained in Oakville for the final time Thursday morning before they leave for Florida. After three days training at the Oakville Soccer Club, the players will have the weekend off before boarding a plane to Orlando on Monday morning.

Following training Thursday, Head Coach Aron Winter confirmed there will be trialists joining the team in Florida, but squad will be smaller than he took to Turkey. “We are going to have a smaller number of players than we had there,” he told Toronto FC TV. “I want to start training more with the roster that I think we will have when the season starts in March.”

“We have some players that we had with us in Turkey. They will be coming with us to Florida. We have some more trials in Orlando with some specific positions. Those players are mostly from South and Central America.”

After training, captain Dwayne De Rosario talked about how he fits into Aron Winter’s football philosophy. The Canadian international says the changes in style suit his game perfectly.

When asked if this is the happiest he has been on the pitch since joining the club, he said: “Besides my first day signing, I think so. I was really looking forward to seeing what kind of style the new coaches would bring and it has been everything I expected. It has been not only everything that I wanted but what everyone here wanted. It is the type of football that everyone will enjoy seeing, but the main thing is getting the results.”

“It is an attacking type of football with lots of possession and building up through the team, penetrating through the midfield. We have the players to suit that style. It is different to how we were playing last year so guys are adapting and utilizing the coach’s ideas to the best of our ability.”

“For me the style is perfect. It really suits anyone that likes to play with the ball on the ground and with lots of movement. The main thing is everyone getting comfortable with the ball at their feet.”