We are TFC - Seba

This is the latest instalment of We Are TFC. Every week, we’ll sit down with one of the Reds and help you get to know them a little bit better, on and off the field. This week, TorontoFC.ca chats with the Atomic Ant, Sebastian Giovinco. 
Take a look at your phone, what photo to you means the most and why?

GIOVINCO: The most recent photo (on my Instagram) of my son Jacopo and I eating together. It is always special to spend time with my son.

Recently in an interview you said you feel that Toronto is your city and you want to make it your city. What did you mean by that?

GIOVINCO: A big part of my life is now here since my daughter was born in Toronto. With everything I have seen and experienced in Toronto, I want this team (Toronto FC) and our sport to continue to grow here but also in North America. I feel it is my responsibility to help this club and this sport grow.

Your music note tattoo has a meaning of your son Jacopo and his love Michael Jackson’s song “Smooth Criminal”. There is even a video of him dancing to the song. How did he discover that song as such a young age?

GIOVINCO: The tattoo is both masculine and feminine (male and female figures under a music note) with the word smooth under it. When Jacopo was a baby, he didn’t sleep much and in an attempt to help him sleep we would put on songs and that’s one he liked. Before he’d only listen to Michael Jackson but now he listens to much more.

Your daughter, Alma was born in August. What did it mean to you for her to be born in Toronto?

GIOVINCO: It was important that she was born healthy and in a beautiful city like Toronto.

How has Jacopo taken to being a big brother?

GIOVINCO: He likes it very much and is not jealous at all!

You’ve been here for two seasons now. Of your teammates who helped to make your transition easier and make you feel comfortable in a new league and city?

GIOVINCO: My attitude and the way I am is very independent and never dependent on anyone specifically. But certainly the family environment at Toronto FC and in Toronto from everyone I have met has helped me a lot.

If you could only pick one thing to have for the rest of your life – espresso or pasta what would you choose? Why?

GIOVINCO: Pasta. Because it’s so good (smiling).

Your favourite thing to do in Toronto besides playing at BMO Field?

GIOVINCO: Strolling around the city with my family and friends. I also really enjoy going to Raptors games.

Best restaurant in Toronto?

GIOVINCO: I have a couple places I like to go to…Capocaccia, Buca, Cibo, Harbour Sixty, Jacobs & CO.

The supporters are among the best and make for a great atmosphere at BMO Field but have you been impressed with how the city has really got behind the team during this playoff run?

GIOVINCO: Yes, every game should be a playoff game! (smiling and laughing)

The club faces Montreal in the Eastern Conference Finals, which is our biggest rival. You have played Montreal a number of times now. What is special about a derby match in your opinion? Additionally, in the Toronto-Montreal rivalry?

GIOVINCO: I played in a very important derby in Italy played between city rivals (Juventus and Torino). Which makes it non-comparable to here in any case. But a derby carries special sensations and feelings anywhere in the world. My goals never change. To win, score goals and be a determining factor regardless of who we play.