Media Guidelines & Policies
Media Guidelines & Policies


We appreciate your interest and coverage of Toronto FC training sessions, matches and other events. We kindly request you to read carefully and familiarize yourself with the guidelines and policies in this document to ensure your experience on match days and training sessions run as smoothly as possible.

If you have questions about the policies listed here, please do not hesitate to contact the Toronto FC Communications team at


Credential Process

  • Media members may apply for single-game credentials at a later date in February.
  • Single-game credential applications must be submitted no later than 96 hours from match kickoff and are only permitted for media outlets that need gameday Press Box or Photographers access to produce editorial coverage.
  • This includes writers, photographers, radio and broadcaster, and legitimate digital websites that produce consistent and professional content adhering to accepted journalist principles.
  • Credentials and seating space in the Press Box are limited and priority will be given to those working on a deadline.
  • Applications from freelance writers or photographers must come from a direct supervisor validating professional and editorial need for media access. All applications using a personal email address, such as Gmail or Hotmail, must provide validation from their outlet.
  • Social Media: Toronto FC will not credential any media looking to cover the match only for social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and/or TikTok).

Media Attire

  • While on assignment at either training or match day, media are expected to dress professionally. Media who are approved for credentials should not wear apparel supporting any competing clubs or national affiliations.
  • Failure to comply may result in loss of credential.


  • Media members may not use credential for preferential access, such as autographs, photographs, or personal requests.
  • Violation will result in immediate loss of credential.
  • When specifically noted in press releases and communications from the club, information provided to media for planning purposes only should not be distributed to the general public.


Media Check-In at Gate 5

  • Please provide your name and outlet at the media check-in located at Gate 5 Security. You will receive a credential, which must be worn at all times while in the stadium.
  • For stadium security reasons, media members are asked to not take images of their credentials.
  • Media check-in will open two (2) hours prior to the announced kickoff unless otherwise noted.
  • All credentials are non-transferable, and any unauthorized use will subject the bearer to ejection from BMO Field and confiscation of the credential.
  • All media areas, including the press box and photo work room, will open two (2) hours prior to kickoff.
  • Credentials must be worn and visible at all times.
  • Photographers will receive field bibs at the Media Desk at Gate 5 which must be worn at all times while on the field.
  • Bibs must be returned before leaving the stadium.

Press Box

  • Credentialed print media will have access only to the Press Box (third level) and press conference room (first floor).
  • Please ensure you take your assigned seat corresponding to the Seating Chart outside the Press Box entrance.
  • Only working media will be allowed in the Press Box.
  • Cheering, celebrating and loud noises are not permitted.
  • Hot meals will be provided to media members.

On-Field Photographers

  • Only credentialed members of the media (photographers) may have access to the field.
  • Photographers must have a BLUE FIELD box on their credential and must wear a YELLOW coloured media bib to enter the field area.
  • Chairs will be in place for photographers, and photographers will need to remain in the designated area during the game.
  • Photographers must access and exit the Field Level through the South West Vom (SWV)
  • Media members with field access must use professional equipment during matches. Mobile, handheld or “point-and-shoot” style cameras are not permitted.
  • Unauthorized use may result in denial of access and/or removal from the field.

Photo Work Room

  • Please note a photo work area is located in the loading dock, across from the TV Studio, and will be limited to a select number of photographers at a time.
  • Bibs will be distributed at Media Will Call and will only be assigned to those with professional-grade equipment, as determined by Toronto FC Communications staff.
  • Please return the bibs after the conclusion of the game.


  • A weekly training schedule will be sent to media via email at the beginning of the week.
  • Unless otherwise noted, media members will have access to watch, film and photograph training during a 15-minute window at the start of the session.
  • Media members interested in attending training are asked to RSVP to Toronto FC Communications (

Interview Access: Players

  • During the regular season, select players will be made available in a scrum setting on a weekly basis at the Club’s training facility after the conclusion of training.
  • Additional players may be available for interviews during the MLS mandated media availability portion of training, with advanced notice.

Interview Access: Head Coach

  • During the regular season, Toronto FC head coach will be made available to media on designated days, as noted by the team’s weekly training calendar.
  • Interview requests outside of that time period can be made by contacting Alejandra Rueda (


  • A media member may be added to the credential review list and have their credentials revoked if any of the above-mentioned guidelines are not followed.
  • Verbal abuse towards Toronto FC staff.
  • Requesting autographs at media events (training, news conferences and games).
  • Taking photographs with players or coaches.
  • Using credential for family or friends of working media members.
  • Conducting unauthorized interviews.
  • Regular encroachment into restricted areas.
  • Cheering in the press box.
  • Unprofessional behavior (cheering in the press box, consumption of alcoholic beverages, failure to abide by posted rules, etc.).
  • Asking inappropriate questions unrelated to sports or the event.
  • Escorting unaccredited third parties to media areas.
  • Sharing non-public information provided to media for planning purposes only.
  • Inappropriate or unprofessional behavior, after being reminded of media guidelines.

Media Services

Press Releases: To be added to the Toronto FC media distribution list, please send an email request to Press Releases can also be found on

Please note that the Club has a Media Resources Page which includes the single-game media credential application form, Game Notes with downloadable links, a multimedia page with photos from trainings, and a pronunciation guide with audio files.