Front Office


  • Bill Manning
  • Chris Shewfelt
    Vice President, Business Operations
  • Melissa Frith
    Executive Assistant to the President

Soccer Operations

  • Ali Curtis
    General Manager & Vice President, Soccer Operations
  • Jack Dodd
    Director, Scouting Operations
  • Devin Pleuler
    Director, Analytics
  • Ted Tieu
    Senior Manager, Team Operations
  • Jason Hernandez
    Manager, Player Engagement
  • Thiago Aguiar
    Scouting Administrator
  • Tania Pedron
    Director, Administration & Operations
  • David Waters
    Team Logistics Manager
  • Kevin Murphy
    Coordinator, Logistics & Operations
  • Arthur Casupanan
    Executive Assistant to the General Manager

Coaching Staff

  • Chris Armas
    Head Coach
  • Javier Perez
    Assistant Coach
  • Ian Russell
    Assistant Coach
  • Ewan Sharp
    Assistant Coach
  • Jon Conway
    Goalkeeper Coach

Medical/Player Performance

  • Dr. Ira Smith
    Team Physician
  • Pierre Barrieu
    Director, High Performance
  • Dr. Tim Dwyer
    Team Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Carmelo Lobue
    Head Athletic Therapist
  • Marcelo Casal
    Massage Therapist & Acupuncturist
  • Shohei Miyauchi
    Assistant Athletic Therapist
  • Gus Kandilas
    Osteopathic Manual Practitioner
  • Shameer Ali
    Team Chiropractor

Brand & Marketing

  • Jerry Ferguson
    Head of Brand & Fan Experience Marketing
  • Meghann O’Hara-Fraser
    Director, Marketing
  • Peter Kelly
    Director, Digital Experience
  • Dennis Choi
    Manager, Digital Strategy
  • Eric Giacometti
    Manager, Digital Content
  • Shane Wright
    Coordinator, Social Media
  • Paul Giamou
    Team Photographer

Business Operations

  • Tom McDonald
    Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service
  • Jordan Vader
    Vice President, Global Partnerships & Retail
  • Patrick Bakker
    Director, Business Operations
  • Miguel Ferreira
    Senior Manager, Business Operations - Game Presentation and Supporter Relations
  • Kadeem Bandali
    Specialist, Match Development & Events


  • Jeff Bradley
    Director, Communications
  • Mike Masaro
    Senior Manager, Communications
  • Alejandra Rueda
    Coordinator, Communications

Community Relations

  • David De Freitas
    Director, Community & Sport Partnerships
  • Jason Schwabe
    Manager, Community
  • Kyle Crook
    Coordinator, Community & Player Programming
  • Cassy Melnike
    Coordinator, Soccer Development


  • Sacha De Almeida
    Manager, Equipment Operations
  • Mark Cruz
    Toronto FC Equipment Manager
  • Spencer Ure
    Equipment Assistant


  • Brenner Everts
    Assistant Manager, BMO Training Ground & BMO Field
  • Zandro Valenzuela
    Building Operator, BMO Training Ground & BMO Field
  • Robert Heggie
    Director, Groundskeeping
  • John Adach
    Groundskeeper, BMO Field
  • Alex Vasiloff
    Groundskeeper, BMO Training Ground
  • Elaine Flamenco
    Head Chef
  • Ravi Nanayakkara
  • Bobby Ponniah
    Kitchen Assistant


  • Damien Hall
    Director, Finance
  • Youssef Jaber
    Manager, Finance