Bono Save ATL

Bones to the rescue! Vote Bono for MLS Week 33 Save of the Week

Alex Bono is not stranger to gave-saving stops, but he may have just topped the list with his latest effort.

In front of a raucous crowd in Atlanta with the Reds having just equalized through Sebastian Giovinco, the home side came back down the field, gunning to find the winner as the clocked ticked towards 90. In the 87th minute, it looked as if United would reclaim the lead through Anton Walkes, but Bono had other ideas.

The initial reaction save on Walkes was a beauty, but the work wasn't quite done there. The rebound was spilled near the goalmouth with Bobby Boswell lurking in the area. Refusing to be beaten, Bono sprawled to his right to make the last-ditch save and preserve a point for his team.

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