We are TFC II - Fraser

We are TFC II - Liam Fraser

 On the final edition of We Are TFC II, we sit down with midfielder Liam Fraser.

What have been your favourite moments in your soccer career thus far?   Fraser: Probably when I signed and then when I played my first pro game in Harrisburg. I enjoyed that. When I captained Canada at the U-20 World Cup qualifiers, that was special.

You had a crazy offseason, starting with those CONCACAF U-20 qualifiers, what was it like to represent your country?

Fraser: That was an awesome experience. I have always wanted to represent my country at that level. I was in a really good spell in my playing. It was an absolute honour. Not the results we wanted but we finished with a win and ended on a decent note.

Then you were off to Viareggio, Italy to compete with Toronto FC III, where you captained the side, what were your takeaways from that?

Fraser: It was cool to be able to measure yourself against players who play where you want to be, who have that opportunity to be at a club like Juventus. It was a great experience for myself and the younger guys. And I was happy to have more of a leadership role. 

And you were with the first team for training camp, how was that?

Fraser: It was cool. I came close to a few of the guys. Ashtone [Morgan], Jonathan Osorio. I roomed with Tsubasa Endoh, him and me are good mates now. It was great to have that feeling of being welcomed to the team. I hope that that is just the start for me.

Did anyone take you under their wing?

Fraser: Ashtone has been great with me in that sense.
At what moment did you know you could become a professional?
Fraser: I don’t think there was ever a moment. I’ve always been obsessed with the game. So I always knew I was going to go pro. I’ve worked very hard to get to where I’ve gotten.  To be honest I have always kind of had that feeling, that I had the ability to do it and I put my heart and my head towards it.
Do you have a coach/mentor that has impacted your soccer career?
Fraser: My dad. As a mentor, he is the number one guy, motivationally my grandmother as well. And my uncle George has helped me along the way.
A player you like to model your game after?
Fraser: [Sergio] Busquets and [Eric] Dier. They both have a similar build and frame and the way they play, they are a bit slower, but they know where they have to be. And I love Paul Scholes. I loved watching him.
Taking a quick look at your phone, which photo in it means the most to you? 
Fraser: Probably one with me and my family and my uncle. Then one with my grandma and me.
If you weren’t playing soccer, what would you be doing?
Fraser: Probably something in business… I do like finance. The stock market has always fascinated me so most likely something surrounding that.
How do you like to spend your free time?
Fraser: I love watching football. Hang out with the boys. I am starting to get into reading now, just trying to broaden my horizons.

I’ve heard you are quite the magician, can you speak to that?
Fraser: Yeah I have a few magic tricks up my sleeves. I pulled them out in Italy for all the boys.
Where does your magician name “The Great Lambini” come from?
Fraser: The boys gave it to me.
Do you have a favourite movie of all time?
Fraser: Gladiator
Last show you binged watched?
Fraser: The Office. That is the funniest show of all-time.
Music Artist?
Fraser: I’ve been switching up a lot recently. I like The Weekends old stuff right now. Old Kayne and Frank Ocean are coming in soon.
How have you found the adjustment from the Academy to the pros?
Fraser:  It’s been a good transition. The biggest thing is the speed of the game. And by that I mean you have to think quicker, not just physical speed. If you can think quicker, you’ll be fine. It has definitely helped me. All the coaches [in the Academy] have helped me make the adjustments. [The Academy] has done really well with preparing players, and the entire strength and conditioning staff has helped too.
How did the Academy help in your development as a professional?
Fraser: It helped me with being able to play quick, being able to play one touch, the ability to use both feet. I think a big factor is also getting to have a bit of chemistry with the team. Meeting people and making good friends and growing up with some of the guys have helped a lot.

Who are those good friends?
Fraser: Coming up with Aidan Daniels, Steven Furlano, Nikola Stakic, Mathew Srbely, Nicholas Osorio, Malik Johnson, and Robert Boskovic. We all became good friends during our time with the Academy.
Any pre-game superstitions?
Fraser: Nope. Superstitions mean you are scared. Trust in your ability.