Recapping TFC open tryouts

Saturday October 25th and Sunday October 26th marked the 3rd annual Kia Toronto FC Academy Open Try-Outs. Although it was a brisk, windy weekend in North York Ontario, the Kia Training Ground was filled with excited players, hoping to start their journey on a path towards becoming a professional.

The staff at Kia Training Ground was proud to host over 1,500 athletes (ranging in age from nine to 24), who came from a variety of distinguished clubs across the GTA and southern Ontario.

Toronto FC Academy coaches led the on field activities while Kia Toronto FC Academy Athletes spent the day volunteering in various capacities. The families of participants were encouraged to tour the building and partake in family friendly activities.

Kia Toronto FC Academy wants to thank all participants for being an active member in the soccer community and contributing to the growth of soccer in Ontario. Toronto FC Academy would also like to thank all the local soccer clubs who are dedicated to achieving the same goal as Toronto FC Academy – to develop Canadian players and become a more globally competitive soccer nation.