Kevin Payne

Abe To Atticus - Our New President

Kevin Payne is a soft-spoken man with an opinion on everything from the Great Emancipator to the correct peanut butter.

Mike Ulmer borrowed liberally from the famous Proust Questionnaire to get inside the mind of Toronto FC’s new president and general manager.

Perfect moment: Probably with my wife and children on skis at the top of Vail Mountain.

Current state of mind: Incredibly excited.

Favorite historical figure: Probably Abraham Lincoln. I’m a student of leadership and I have great admiration for the way he was able to balance an extremely practical approach while never losing sight of his vision and remaining true to his ethical standards. He was a remarkable visionary leader.

Quality you most dislike in yourself: Frustration and sarcasm.

Greatest accomplishment: Aside from family, and I’m not sure that’s my accomplishment - I take credit for my daughters all the time - I would have to say creating DC United.

Greatest extravagance: Probably clothes.

Do you play any musical instruments? No, to my profound regret.

What song will you be most likely to sing in the shower? It’s not so much in the shower but I sing along a lot. My favorite song to sing along would be ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ by Frank Sinatra.

Do you prefer Tony Bennett or Frank Sinatra? Sinatra but I do like some Tony Bennett.

Most treasured possession: I’m very partial to my books.

One desert island book: To Kill a Mockingbird.

Happiest time in your life: I’m pretty happy now. My wife and I are really excited about where we are in our life and really excited to move to a new city and a new country. Other than that, probably when I lived in Vail when our children were young.

Favourite colour? Blue.

Favourite peanut butter, smooth or crunchy: I’m surprised you have to ask. Crunchy.

Favourite character in literature: Atticus Finch. Anyone who’s a father would say that.

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