Marvell Wynne

Quiet First Stage Expected Friday

Photo: Marvell Wynne* (left) is one of the players available in the Re-Entry draft (Giamou/

The 2012 MLS Re-Entry Process will start on Friday, December 7.  Despite there being several known names on the availability list, the two previous editions of this process suggests the real action will start in the second stage, a week later on December 14.

In 2011, only three teams selected players in the first stage: New England, Chivas and Columbus. As a result they were offered a chance to pick up more players but passed. A week later in the second stage, five teams took part in the process and a total of 10 players were selected.

The action was nearly identical in 2010, with two players selected in the first stage and 11 in the second.

The reason for inaction in the opening stage is due to hefty contracts that made the players available in the first place. In a league with a salary cap, most teams either don’t have the space or are unwilling to pick up existing contract options. In the second stage, those contracts are nullified and negotiation can result in a better deal for clubs.  

From the 2012 squad, Toronto left Eric Avila, Adrian Cann, Jeremy Hall, Ty Harden and Andrew Wiedeman susceptible to selection on Friday if teams are willing to pick up their contract option.

There are several former Toronto players left out of favour by their current clubs, including Marvell Wynne*, Julian de Guzman and Maicon Santos.

A full list of available players – without their contract details – can be found on this page.

Toronto holds the first selection in 2012 for both stages. The club has never selected a player in the Re-Entry Process.

December 7 update: Marvell Wynne withdrew prior to draft