Day 12: A Camp Finale

On Friday August 24 the 2012 edition of TFC//TWELVE ended with the Toronto FC Clinic Crew.  Receiving help from MLSE's Team Up Foundation, Toronto FC made a surprise visit to Joseph J. Piccinini Community Centre and hosted the second annual TFC Skills Competition.  

Seventy five kids from three different camps ages six to 16 got the chance to test their skills in three different areas; the weighted pass, accuracy and hardest shot. For two hours participants moved between stations in hopes of improving on their personal best and getting the overall high score.

Prizes were handed out to the top performer at each station at the conclusion of the event. TFC packs were also given to everyone that participated.

Toronto FC would like to thank the team at Joseph J. Piccinini for allowing the club to surprise the kids on their last day of camp.

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"We would like to thank all the organizations, charities and people that we have had the pleasure of meeting and working with these past 12 days. Your passion and dedication to your work is one of the great things that make Toronto the city it is. Also thank you to those of you who have been following our initiative this year, we appreciate the support." - Toronto FC Community.

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