Cochrane On Re-Entry Draft

Toronto FC interim director of soccer Earl Cochrane gave the following comments after the Reds opted not to take anyone in the first stage of the 2010 MLS Re-Entry Draft on Wednesday.

“We assessed the players available to us via the re-entry draft in the same manner we approach all acquisitions – do these players add the quality we need to make us better, possess all of the qualities we are looking for as we build our team, and do they fit within our budget situation at the present time?”

“While there certainly is quality available in the draft, we felt that in the cases where the quality was there, the costs associated with those players didn’t match up with our present situation.”

“During the next week and certainly during the next phase of re-entry, we have the opportunity to change those situations and if the fit is right we will not hesitate to explore adding some of the players available to help us.”

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