Meet The Select Seven

Toronto FC Academy Manager Stuart Neely gives the lowdown on the Academy players added to Toronto FC’s squad for the Nutrilite Canadian Championship against Vancouver Whitecaps on June 2, 2010.

Meet the Select Seven.

16. Matt Stinson

Matt Stinson

Position: Midfielder
Born: 8-Sep-92
Previous club: Clarkson Comets
Community: Toronto

“Matt Stinson is a holding midfielder who sits in front of our back four. He has improved his game immensely this year and his passing skills are a lot better and he is very aggressive in his attacking style now. He was named MVP at the Canada Summer Games last year and was recently called into the Canada Under 20 camp for the first time. He is the captain of Toronto FC Academy’s Canadian Soccer League team.”

26. Doneil Henry

Doneil Henry

Position: Defender
Born: 20-Apr-93
Previous club: North Mississauga
Community: Brampton

“Doneil is a centre back with TFC’s Senior Academy team. He was called into the Provincial All-Star program last year and has been touted as one of the top central defenders in the country. He is very good in the air and has good passing skills. He is a great kid and is a tremendous role model for in the Academy. He is very upbeat person. He also got called into the Canada Under 20 program along with Matt Stinson and was last year’s captain of the Junior Academy.”

28. Brennan McNicoll

Brennan McNicoll

Position: Midfielder
Born: 29-Nov-92
Previous club: Clarkson Comets
Community: Oakville

“Brennan McNicoll is a hard working midfielder and gets himself around the pitch well so well that I am sure he could be a distance runner. His final pass in the attacking third needs to improve but he can certainly do that from the middle of the park. He gets the ball wide early and looks to support the attack. He has scored some very good long range goals. He is strong a ball winner on the ground”


29. Nicholas Lindsay

Nicholas Lindsay

Position: Forward
Born: 3-Sep-92
Previous club: Brampton East
Community: Brampton

“Nicholas Lindsay is a striker who can play out wide. A year ago he was on the verge of getting released from the Academy and our staff sat down with him and since then he has done a complete 180. He has become one of the top goalscorers in the Academy this year. He has a tremendous amount of pace and can strike the ball with both his left and right foot and can get at players and take them on very well. He has good crossing and finishing skills and he is very positive. He is also a tremendous singer!”


35. Allando Matheson

Allando Matheson

Position: Forward
Born: 29-Feb-92
Previous club: North Scarborough
Community: Toronto

“Allando Matheson is a real handful for defenders because of his size. He is very solid and can hold the ball up for midfielders and back his way into central defenders. He is a great finisher and he certainly has a good opportunity to show himself. One of the things he needs to do is work on his defensive responsibilities and recovering into a good position, not only to defend but also to win the ball back. He has a tendency to sit in the hole up front and he needs to become a bit more mobile, but he is very good in the air and has a very good touch for such a big lad. He has scored some great goals in and around the box.”


36. Oscar Cordon

Oscar Cordon

Position: Midfielder
Born: 18-Jan-93
Previous club: Dixie
Community: Toronto

“Oscar Cordon is of Guatemalan background. He is a tremendous, aggressive midfield player. He is very street-smart and is hungry for success. He is well aware of what this opportunity means and I think it will be a very positive experience for him. He has a good work-rate and is very quick to win the ball and make decisions in matches. He has good technique and loves running at players with the ball. He is a very quiet kid who works very hard on the field.”


37. Sergio Camargo

Sergio Camargo

Position: Midfielder
Born: 16-Aug-94
Previous club: Unionville
Community: Newmarket

“Sergio Camargo is of Colombian background. E is a very technically sound player who has very good and quick feet. He has a small frame but makes up for that with a great deal of heart. He works very hard off the ball defensively and is very creative when he is in possession. He is very young still and if this match comes too early for him I am sure he will be able to make an impact in the near future.”