Nick Garcia

Garcia Prepared To Forgive and Forget

Nick Garcia is willing to forgive and forget. The defender returned to training Tuesday for the first time since taking a blow to the head from Montreal forward Roberto Brown during last week’s Nutrilite Canadian Championship opener at BMO Field.

“I feel pretty good,” he told Toronto FC TV. “I have had a few days off and had some concussion tests. I saw the ear nose and throat doctor yesterday, but I still don’t have 100 percent hearing in my left ear so that is something that is going to be week to week until I get it back to where it needs to be.”

The incident happened midway through the first half with Toronto leading 1-0, but Garcia isn’t able to recall exactly what happened. “I remember the ball being on the far side of the pitch and looking across to the play, but the next thing I can remember is being on the ground. I was a little stunned from it and had a mild concussion, but it is not the first time it has happened to me.”

Doctors gave Garcia clearance to return to training, but he will wait to see if there is any reaction before declaring himself ready to play in a match. “I think I need a few days to fully recover,” he explained. ”Having four or five days off for me physically was good, but at the same time I have got to get some fitness back that I lost over the weekend.”

The Canadian Soccer Association suspended Brown for two Nutrilite Canadian Championship matches and fined him $1500. “I feel bad for the guy because I am sure he didn’t mean to knock me out completely,” said Garcia. “Obviously it is something we don’t need in this sport and I am sure he wishes he could be back out there playing as well.”

“It is over, it is forgotten and has been dealt with. I have had worse things happen to me on the soccer field with somebody spitting in my face or hurting me more. This is unfortunate but I forgive the guy.”