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Toronto FC II announced today the following roster moves:

Toronto FC II has picked up the options on defenders Themi Antonoglou, Luke Singh and Nyal Higgins. Midfielders Antonio Carlini, Nicolas Ovalle Raffo and forward Jordan Perruzza (signed MLS contract for 2021 season).

Toronto FC II has not exercised the contract options on goalkeeper Eric Klenofsky, defenders Robert Boskovic, Terique Mohammed and midfielders Matthew Srbely, Luca Uccello. 

Defender Dante Campbell and midfielders Jordan Faria, Adolfo Ovalle Raffo, Luca Petrasso are out of contract at the end of the year.           

Four players are under contract for the 2021 season: midfielders Mehdi Essoussi, Julian Altobelli, Antony Curic and defender Rohan Goulbourne.

Toronto FC II’s 2021 roster as it currently stands:
Goalkeepers (0):

Defenders (4): Themi Antonoglou, Luke Singh, Nyal Higgins, Rohan Goulbourne.

Midfielders (5): Antonio Carlini, Nicolas Ovalle Raffo, Mehdi Essoussi, Julian Altobelli, Antony Curic.