Borussia Dortmund Tifo

Tifo, originally the Italian word for the phenomenon of supporting a sport team, is mostly used as a name for any choreography displayed by fans in the stands of an arena or stadium in connection with a sport event, mostly as part of an association football match. - The never wrong, always right Wikipedia.

Have a few hours to kill? Plug 'tifo' into YouTube and prepare to be late for meetings, lunch and picking up your kids after school.

Toronto FC launched a banner/tifo challenge for fans on Monday. Creative entries have already been submitted. If you’re interested, read the contest rules here.

Tifos are serious business. From the obscene to the whimsical, some become more memorable than the game itself.

Here’s a rundown some of our favourites we've seen over the past few years. Leave yours in the comments below.

1) Borussia Dortmund (2013)

BVB supporters know how to tifo. We could listen several examples from the past (in fact, watch them here) but this one is a personal favourite.

2.) FC København (2014)

The best tifos often involve complex, moving parts that take a few minutes to play out. This is one of them.

3) AIK (2009)

The choreography from the Gnagets faithful here is incredible. 


4) Toronto FC (2009)

No matter where he goes Danny Dichio will remain a legendary figure in TFC land after scoring the club’s first goal. This tifo for his retirement was a worthy sendoff.

5) FC Dinamo București (2013)

The 'Kill Bill' music is a nice added touch. The Red Dogs know tifos.