BMO CC Day 4

TORONTO – The final day of the inaugural BMO Champions Cup wrapped up on Sunday evening with the final two trophies of the tournament being handed out in the U16 and U20 divisions.

U16 Division

The U16 division third-place match featured the KNSC Lions (CAF) and FC Durham Academy (SAAC).

KNSC opened the scoring in the 15th minute but FC Durham scored three unanswered goals in the second half to take the game by a final score of 3-1.

The U16 final featured the Toronto FC Academy U16 (2001) side up against the OPDL’s Vaughan SC.

The Reds came within inches of scoring the opener as Michael Washington hit the crossbar. However, just a minute later Lucas Areco fired in the opening salvo. The score was held at 1-0 into the halftime break.

Vaughan made a strong push for an equalizer in the second half and TFC’s Jayden Nelson was sent off midway through the final frame. 

Vaughan came very close to tying the game when a floated ball in hit the bar but stayed out. Nick Christoffersen held on for the clean sheet as the Reds claimed the Champions Cup.

U20 Division

The third-place match for the U20 division featured Sigma FC (SAAC) and Toronto Youth FC (CAF).

Sigma scored once in the opening frame to take a lead into the halftime break. They doubled their advantage shortly into the second half as they scored on a penalty kick.

Toronto Youth pulled one back in the 62nd but Sigma regained the two-goal advantage just two minutes later. Sigma held on to secure the third place position in the U20 division.

The final match of the tournament featured Toronto FC III and Vaughan  SC (OSL) in the U-20 division final.

TFC III struck first as Shaan Hundal opened the scoring on a near post run. Dante Campbell quickly picked up a brace and Matthew Srbely curled home a free kick to give the Reds a four-goal advantage. Cyrus Rollocks added one just before the halftime whistle.  

In the second half, Luca Petrasso curled home a free-kick of his own. Zak Abdi and Steffen Yeates each added one as the Reds secured the Champions Cup.

That concludes the inaugural BMO Champions Cup. The Toronto FC Academy sides put in a great effort this weekend finishing atop all four age groups.

Full Results and Final Standings:

  1. TFC Academy 2003 (14-2-4) – OPDL U15 Charity Shield Champion
  2. Oakville SC (14-1-5) – OPDL U14 Charity Shield Runner-up
  3. Eurostar Academy Lions (15-2-2) – SAAC U14 Academy Cup Champion
  4. Ginga Soccer Academy (7-5-2) – CAF U15 Division Runner-up

            · TFCA def Eurostar Lions – 7-0

            · Oakville SC def Ginga – 5-0

            · Eurostar Lions def Ginga – 1-0

            · TFCA def Oakville SC – 2-0


  1. TFC Academy 2002 (14-4-2) – OPDL U16 Charity Shield Runner-up
  2. Richmond Hill SC (13-3-4) – OPDL U15 Charity Shield Runner-up
  3. London FA (15-5-0) – SAAC U15 Academy Champion
  4. Brampton Real International FC (11-1-2) – CAF U15 Division Champion; Ontario Cup U15 Champion

            · TFCA def Brampton Real – 13-0

            · Richmond Hill SC def London FA – 6-0

            · London FA def Brampton Real – 10-0

            · TFCA def Richmond Hill SC – 5-0


  1. TFC Academy 2001 (12-0-0) – OSL U21 Provincial Central Champion
  2. Vaughan SC (13-3-4) – OPDL U16 Charity Shield Champion
  3. FC Durham Academy (16-2-1) – SAAC U16 Academy Cup Champion
  4. KNSC Lions United (10-1-3) – CAF U16 Division Champion

            · Vaughan SC def FC Durham Academy – 2-1

            · TFCA def KNSC Lions United – 6-1

            · FC Durham Academy def KNSC Lions United – 3-1

            · TFCA def Vaughan SC – 1-0


  1. TFC III (14-5-3) – League1 Ontario Men’s West 3rd Place
  2. Vaughan Azzurri (12-1-1) – OSL U21 Provincial Elite Champion
  3. Sigma FC A1 (16-1-2) – SAAC U20 Academy Cup Champion
  4. Toronto Youth FC (12-2-1) – CAF U20 Super Group Champion

            · Vaughan Azzurri def Sigma FC A1 – 2-2 (5-4)

            · TFC III def Toronto Youth FC – 6-1

            · Sigma FC A1 def Toronto Youth FC – 3-1

            · TFC III def Vaughan Azzurri – 6-0

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