Sports brings people together and builds communities, and Toronto FC want to ensure that our community, whether it is together in BMO Field or through our social media channels, is inclusive and safe. All Toronto FC supporters should feel welcome and below are some simple guidelines to ensure that.

The Toronto FC social media pages were created to unite ALL of our fans across the globe. We stand strongly against any offensive or discriminatory content and want to ensure every fan feels a part of the Toronto FC community.

Our social pages are our virtual arenas and require the same respectful behaviour as our physical venues. If someone violates any of our guidelines it will result in those comments being deleted or their account being banned from participating on our pages. Any content that contains:

  • Violence, fighting, threatening, taunting, physical or verbal harassment.
  • Making abusive, sexist, racist, offensive or obscene remarks or gestures.
  • Disruptive, harmful or disorderly behavior.

If a comment doesn't comply with the following basic rules, it may be delayed, or in some cases, not be published:

  • If your posts are violent, threatening, taunting, endorsing or promoting physical or verbal harassment
  • If your posts include profanity, defamatory, libelous, offensive, abusive, discriminatory or demeaning content (including images, videos and links);
  • If your posts are disparaging, threatening, condone violence or illegal behavior;
  • If your posts are commercial, e.g. sells products and services, or recruit fans and followers;
  • If your posts are excessively repetitive and/or disruptive to the community or are spam;
  • If your posts contain proprietary, confidential, sensitive, or non-public information;
  • If your posts don't follow the appropriate platform guidelines:
  • Facebook: Facebook's posting guidelines and Terms of Use.
  • Twitter: Twitter’s Terms of Service and Rules and Policies
  • YouTube: YouTube’s Terms of Service

Please be aware that fans who continuously and repeatedly contravene the above rules will be removed from our fan list. In this case the user would no longer be able to follow our news, comment on our posts, or send us messages.

Storing and using private information

Content you share in this channel is available to the public. MLSE may process, store and use information you chose to share through this channel for reasons such as improving its products and services, reporting adverse events or providing you with assistance upon your request. To facilitate requests, we may ask for additional information which will only be used for the purpose it was initially collected.

Please kindly note that we may use third party service providers to help us manage comments and direct messages, which means that they too would have access to any personal information shared with us. Such third party service providers are contractually bound to ensure an adequate protection and security of personal information.

Please note that Facebook also has access to information you share with us through their platform. For more details read the Facebook Privacy Policy.

For additional information about privacy at MLSE, read our Privacy Policy.

Thank you for reading and being a part of the community.