Q: Why would someone want to join a Toronto FC supporter group?

If you really enjoy soccer and want to show your love for TFC it in ways beyond sitting in a seat at the game then a supporters group is for you. We spend a lot of time outside of the games talking about and celebrating TFC. If the 90 minute game just isn't enough TFC for you then you should really consider joining a supporters group. We provide an environment for lively banter on players, trades, signings, formation, front office movements, etc. We also organize pre and post game gatherings to make the event just a little bit longer than the game and keep the excitement growing. We also gather together for away games. when you are cheering with 100 people in a pub watching the game it makes you almost feel like you are at the game.

The atmosphere in the supporters section is electric when the team is doing well and vibrant and supportive when they are struggling. I would encourage any TFC fan to contact one of the supporters groups in the forums to request a ticket to visit the section, we always have a few floating around and encourage people to join us. - Danielle, U-Sector Member

Q: What’s the time commitment? Are there different roles within the group, what are they?

To quote post-rock pioneer Mark Hollis `Life`s what you make it`. For U-Sector this is very much the case. With our group, you pretty much get what you give, and that seems to be just fine for all. We are not big on structure or procedure, yet we do seem able to be of one voice when called upon. From folks that drop in from out of town once or twice a season, to those that live and breathe U-Sector 365, the amount of time doesn’t seem to matter. In this same way, term of service or depth of previous involvement are not a pre-requisite to having a voice amongst the group. Step in with the right attitude or a great idea and boom! Kismet. To be straight, I don’t want to paint U-Sector as a rudderless ship, that is quite the opposite of fact. There is a loose cabal in the middle of things. Mostly old timers and the extra percipient. Even this group is fluid, however, and many different people step to the fore in the face of different needs. - Chris BusanBhoy, U-Sector Leadership

Q: Supporter sections seem to be very male dominated is that the same with your group? Do supporter groups reach out and include women?

It’s fair to say that, like most other groups of Football Support, U-Sector is numbered heavily with males. In our case, this isn’t a function of design or mandate, just circumstance. Whilst we don’t actively reach out to Women, we don’t actively reach out to Anyone. Our growth is almost amoeboid, in that people float by in the either, and if they are agreeable seem to just digest into the whole. There hasn’t seemed to be any hard and fast rules as to who can become a part of us and most certainly no pre-condition due to gender. In fact the only constant you could find with the people who make up U-Sector is a lack of tolerance for Bigotry, be that misogyny, homophobia, racism, conservatism or what have you. A love of the game, a helping of humor and a streak of independence would be what U-Sector would look for in any woman, man or other. - Chris BusanBhoy, U-Sector Leadership

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