\How old do you have be to be part of a supporter group? Is there an age limit? What kind of opportunity is there for supporters with small children to be involved? Is it a safe environment for children?

A: Without discrimination, as long as one can run -- kick and play soccer you are are eligible to be a TRN supporter, with parental guidance of course. TRN centers around sports, music, healthy and active lifestyle for families and their kids. Through our social and community network, we offer access to soccer leagues, music lessons (playing steel-pan) and other developmental programs. Our teams and programs are managed by community and sports leaders with parental guidance at all times within a safe environment.

Do you have to sit in the supporters section to be a supporter?
A: Not necessarily, you can sit anywhere when at the stadium. But we'd recommend you sit in TRN 's section because it's more fun! We also have supporters who support the TO-FC and the game of soccer in other ways besides being at the game -- they help through our community and other out-reach programs.

Is there a president the group reports to? What kind of structure is there around each group?

A: Our president and first point of contact is Duane DaSilva. TRN is governed by its founders and key members along with volunteers with various skills-sets. Our structure is simple; effectiveness, openness and accountability at all times without any red tape.

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