1. ‎What does being a member of a supporters' group mean? Do these groups have visions and values? If so,what are they?

Answer: Being a member of a supporters' group means connecting with like-minded people that share in the same excitement that you have for your team. It is about contributing to something larger.
The one thread that connects all of the supporters' groups is that we all love Toronto FC. We might go about things slightly differently, and have different visions. But we will always have the shared passion and support for Toronto FC, both at home and on the road.

The Red Patch Boys are a democratically-run group with a charter that codifies our beliefs. Even though our membership numbers may be large, all of our members are made to feel welcome and part of the family. Members are encouraged to participate in the multitude of internal teams we have from drumming to banners to travel. There is something for everyone.

2. What should someone consider when selecting a group to join? What are the steps to become a member?

Answer: Look at the websites of each group, or even attend a social event for each one (away game viewing or even a banner session), to find which one feels like the best fit for you. As a member of the Red Patch Boys, it is important to know that your voice will be heard. We area democratically-run group, with regular elections and a charter that outlines the process. You will want to consider if you can bring your spouse or friends or family to a supporters' group event. With the Red Patch Boys the more the merrier, so bring all of your loved ones, your best friend, your kid. Toronto FC will always be the primary focus of the group. However, we also want to be good citizens of our communities and sponsor various youth teams and have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to charities.

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