1. What is included in being a supporter? Discounted tickets? Free tickets? What are the perks? Do you get special access to the Club? If yes how/what kind of access?

While discounted tickets in the south end are a benefit to being a supporter we do not want that to be a reason why someone wants to join. A supporter with season seats in O109s section is ideally an active supporter who is like minded with the vision of supporting TFC through thick and thin. Being a member of our group has the added perk of being part of a family away from home.

2. Can you join a supporter group and not have season seats? How do you participate in this case?

A supporter or fan of TFC can be a member of our supporters group. Participation in supporter groups isn’t limited to in stadium – so if you aren’t a season seat holder don’t worry, there are many ways you can get involved; come on an away trip; attend an away viewing at any of our pubs; join a night of banner painting or participate in any number of supporter charitable events. It is not in our DNA to deny a passionate member or future member a chance to support his or her club.

3. What is the difference between how the different groups support the team?

Though all the groups are separate entities we all support one team and our goal is to bring it every game throughout the year and hopefully one year in the playoffs - we all work together and bleed TFC together

George Sourtzis, Original 109 Leadership

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