“This is the greatest team in league history.  No one has accomplished what this group has accomplished.” — Greg Vanney

Building Blocks

This is what I know for sure: Victor is a new piece that is maybe vastly different from the group of guys we have… Is he the missing piece? Time will tell.” — Greg Vanney

Slow and Steady

Home games are always important, especially when you have a bunch in a row. At this point in the season, teams leave points out there and it doesn't feel like it's a big deal, but it can be huge come the end of the season.” — Drew Moor

The Missing Piece

We've just got to keep going. I know for a fact that there aren't too many teams that look forward to playing us.” — Michael Bradley

Six Straight

That's five wins in 15 days. I don't know if that's ever been done before. No one said that the last one was going to be easy.” — Greg Vanney

First of Three

There was a ton of people in the stands who get to experience this live and in person and celebrate with the team. It will draw more people to this event. It shows how important this is as an event for all our clubs.” — Greg Vanney

Hunters Become the Hunted

We get everybody's best game all the time. They've got it circled on the calendar, regardless of what they tell you. You can see them on the field, their attitude when they come to BMO. We love the challenge. We're here for a reason: to transform this club, and we're seeing it right before our eyes.” — Jozy Altidore

Ruthless Reds

Games this time of year are tight. What may exist in terms of a difference of quality or distance on the table gets erased because every team is fighting for something this time of year: the Supporters Shield, for positioning in the playoffs, to get into the playoffs. The whistle blows and everything goes out the window. The intensity and competitiveness of every team goes up.” — Michael Bradley

Shield Comes Home

The Supporters’ Shield [signifies] who was the best team over the course of the long haul, able to be consistent, endure, work together, get the most results. We take pride in that. It's symbolic of the approach this team has taken. They don't take a day off; don't take a game off. Whether at BMO Field or on the road, [they] treat every game as three points. That's really all you can ask of a team.” — Tim Bezbatchenko

The Second Season

To face adversity, play in front of that crowd, and find really good moments to play our brand of soccer was important. We took a lot from that. If you can play in front of that environment on the road then you can play in front of any other one.” — Alex Bono

Survive and Advance

The playoffs are a strange bird. You spend 34 games and a preseason worrying about your style; the playoffs are not about style of play. They're about getting results, winning, putting up with stuff you don't have to normally put up with. There's a whole different level of emotion.” — Greg Vanney

Obsession Breeds Redemption

Lifting this trophy has been an obsession for the last 364 days, not just for me but for every single guy in our team, every coach, every part of the staff… To have it come full circle, it’s surreal. It’s why I came, it’s why we came.” — Michael Bradley
All For One