There’s nothing quite like it…standing in the stands with your friends all around you, screaming yourself hoarse, jumping up and down until you’re covered in sweat, waving a flag until your arms feel as though they’re going to fall off. There’s nothing quite like the explosion of cheers when the ball sails past the goal line and the net flutters. There is no way of describing the goose bumps that you get when the whole South End is singing together, the drums are beating in unison and the terraces feel as if they could collapse at any moment from the movement of the crowd.

This is what we live for.

When we stand in the cold and the rain. Travel to an away game, spending 18 hours on a bus or packed like sardines into a car with your best friends along with the drums, flags and tifos, splitting one sandwich four ways and sharing the last cigarette. We do all of this to support our team and to represent our city.

This is what we live for.

Football is a working class sport and is much bigger than just a game. The club you support isn’t just a team, it’s your city, your neighbourhood, your family; it’s your whole world. There is no other sport where the supporters in the stands are truly part of the team. You can be the difference between a win and a draw. Your energy in the stands can stave off a defeat.

This is what we live for. This is why we do what we do. No one will understand why until they’ve experienced it for themselves.

Come stand with us in the rain or snow. Join us as we work to reinvigorate the club and the fans. Come join our family, make it your world and then let it consume you; make it what you live for as well.

All for one.

- Eli Zeldin, Inebriatti Leadership