Secondary Ticketing Market FAQs

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1. What is the Secondary Ticketing Market?

It is a true open marketplace where Season Seat Holders will have the opportunity to post their tickets for resale by setting their own price with no floor or ceiling. Tickets may be sold for less than or more than their face value depending on demand, and the dynamic marketplace.

2. How do I access the Secondary Ticket Market? What will it look like?

The Secondary Ticket Market will be accessible through your online Account Manager in place of the TicketExchange. Season Seat Holders will log into their online Account Manager, select the event which they would like to post for resale, set their pricing parameters and post to Tickets Now is the platform where our resale market will live.

3. How secure is the system?

Tickets are sold by fans and verified by Ticketmaster; every ticket is guaranteed at point of sale.

4. Are there any restrictions on how many games Season Seat Holders can post at once or how far in advance they can post a game for resale?

There are no restrictions on the number of tickets posted at one time. The Season Seat Holder will have access to post for the entire season through their online Account Manager.

5. Are there any restrictions on the type of tickets that can be posted for resale? 

- All suite inventory is restricted for resale including theater, loge, executive, platinum and chairman’s.

6. What are the three ways a Season Seat Holder can set their pricing parameters when they post their tickets for resale?

  • Fixed price. The seller chooses their price to post and it will not change.
  • Market Price. Set an initial price and Tickets Now will adjust the price daily to the average price for tickets in the same section.
  • Decrease the price daily to improve their chances. Tell Tickets Now the starting and minimum prices. Tickets Now will decrease the price in daily increments.

7. Can I change the price of the posted ticket at any time?

Yes, the seller has the ability to change the posted ticket price at any time. They also have other pricing features they can set on the posted tickets.

8. Once the ticket is sold how much do I get back in profit?

During the posting process the seller will input the amount they wish to make from the sale of their tickets (the listing amount will then be displayed taking into applicable fees).

9. How am I paid out after the point of sale?

  • Money is put on account credit and applied to next year’s season tickets.
  • Cheque payment will be issued after 2-3 weeks after the ticket is sold using your account details.

10. Where will the cheque be delivered

You will be prompted to enter your desired mailing address during the resale process.

11. Once I post a ticket for sale on Tickets Now can I cancel the posting?

Yes, Season Seat Holders must go through their online Account Manager to cancel the posted ticket. You can also set expiration times of the posting in your online Account Manager where the tickets will automatically be canceled and placed back in your account. (i.e.: cancel after 10 days, cancel after 1 week, cancel 2 days before event).

12. Does posting a ticket to Tickets Now cancel the original barcodes immediately?

Only once the tickets are purchased will the original barcodes be cancelled and a new one is generated.

13. What happens if a posting expires or is cancelled? Will the original barcodes work?


14. Will I receive a confirmation email once my tickets are sold?

Yes, once the sale is complete, the seller receives a confirmation email from Tickets Now. Tickets Now is the primary contact after the sale for customer inquiries and can be contacted at 1-800-927-2770.