We are TFC - Tosaint Ricketts

We Are TFC: Tosaint Ricketts

This is the latest installment of We Are TFC. Every week, we’ll sit down with one of the Reds and help you get to know them a little bit better, on and off the field. This week, Devang Desai chats with Tosaint Ricketts. The Edmonton native scored his first goal for the Reds in the 1-0 win over Real Salt Lake. We hope you’ll enjoy this series and let us know which TFC players you’d like to see profiled in the future.

Taking a look at your phone – what picture means the most to you and why?

RICKETTS: It would probably be a photo of me and my mom. My mom, I think is one of the strongest women in the world. She raised four boys and she did a very good job I would say, and she’s basically my rock.


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Favourite Soccer player and why? 

RICKETTS: I’d say my favourite player is Thierry Henry. What he did for Arsenal and then when he went to Barcelona, which is my favourite team, kind of solidified it. He was a top striker, used his pace brilliantly and his finishing was perfect. I think he’s one of the best for me.

How would people close to you describe you in one word?

RICKETTS: That’s a tough one… I would say very considerate.


RICKETTS: I like to make people feel comfortable around me. I don’t want anyone to feel awkward or to feel uncomfortable in any situation and I’d go out of my way to make them feel comfortable.

What’s your favourite pastime?

RICKETTS: I really enjoy business. I took business in University so I like to read up on the stock market, the real estate market and current business events.

Any stock tips?

RICKETTS: Nah. I keep those to myself. You got to pay for those! (laughs).

Who is the funniest player on the team?

RICKETTS: For me, one of the funniest is Josh Williams. I don’t know, his humour cracks me up.

Got a lot of shouts for Danny Lovitz as well...

RICKETTS: Yeah. I haven’t had much experience with him yet but I heard he’s a funny guy as well.

Any quirks or superstitions before a game?

RICKETTS: I always eat the same thing before a game. Just plain pasta and chicken. No sauce. Plain spaghetti and chicken.

Favourite Turkish dish if you could choose one?

RICKETTS: Oh! Could it be a dessert?  I really like their rice pudding. They have this traditional Turkish rice pudding where they bake it in the oven and it’s amazing. I always ate like 2-3 after dinner.

Did you get to see a lot of the country before you left?

RICKETTS: Yep. I saw a lot of really nice things there in Turkey. I spent two weeks on vacation in Istanbul so I got to see everything in Istanbul – it’s a big city and there’s a lot to see.

Favourite movie?

RICKETTS: I’d say one of my favourite movies is ‘Snatch’ – Brad Pitt.

Favourite music artist?

RICKETTS: My favourite right now is Kanye West. Innovator in the music game so I’d rate him high.

Have you listened to the new Chance album yet?

RICKETTS: I heard a bit of it, haven’t heard a lot but I’ll check it out.

How are you killing time during the off-season, aside from training?

RICKETTS: Off-season is a lot of work for me because my family owns restaurants so when I go back home, I’m thrown back into the mix back in Edmonton. We own a Jamaican restaurant called Irie Foods and a food truck called Irie Foods Express so that’s basically my off-season.

Do you go right into the kitchen?

RICKETTS: There’s so much to do… I’m not cooking the food so don’t worry, it’s safe.

If someone was to go to that restaurant, what’s the go-to dish? What’s the thing you have to get?

RICKETTS: Obviously, Jerk Chicken is top. And second is ox tail.

I think I might know the answer to this but if you weren’t a soccer player, what would you be doing?

RICKETTS: I’d be on the levels of... let’s say Warren Buffet (laughs)

You should have picked ‘modest’ for your word to describe you (laughs)...

RICKETTS: (laughs) I would’ve definitely been in business – some type of business or entrepreneur.

How much did your family help you get to the point where you are today?

RICKETTS: My Mom was everything for me. She was always there to pick me up, give me good advice – just be that stable ground in my life. She didn’t only do it through words, it was her actions. She always showed me what hard work means.

What is your favourite moment with TFC thus far? [Ed's note: this interview was conducted before Wednesday night's match]

RICKETTS: Actually, my favourite moment is when Tim Bezbatchenko came down to the training pitch and said that my International Transfer Certificate was in (laughs). Best moment so far.

I know we’ve talked about this a lot but was it a sense of relief finally getting it done and being like listen, I can finally move on and get back to playing.

RICKETTS: Yeah, I was just frustrated… I mean I’ve been through it a couple of times, and to have to go through it now and have it delay my time here at TFC was very frustrating but it was worth the wait.

Who are your heroes? I’m going to guess your mom is one of them.

RICKETTS: Yep. My mom is one of my heroes, in all aspects of life.

When I say Toronto, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

RICKETTS: Best city in the world.

You’ve obviously been here a lot with the national team but when you coming back to North America, how could you go wrong with The 6ix right?

RICKETTS: Of course. Best option for Canada, I’d say.

 What is your ultimate goal in life?

RICKETTS: My ultimate goal in life is to basically do what I have to do now to make my children’s dreams come true. Put in the work now so my kids have a better chance of having a great future.

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