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New Additions to the Kia TFC Academy

The Toronto FC family is now complete for the 2016 season after naming 36 new athletes to the Kia Toronto FC Academy rosters.

Under the leadership of Academy Technical Director Laurent Guyot, the Kia TFC Academy will commence the season with a new way of organizing athlete training.

The Academy consists of three pods and the pod structure will be less based on date of birth, and will instead be defined by a combination of aspects of each player's profile.

The success of Kia TFC Academy is dependent on the hard work and dedication of the presidents, technical directors, coaches, trainers, administrators and volunteers of soccer clubs across Ontario, as well as the parents and guardians of our athletes.

Toronto FC would like to recognize the former clubs of all our new athletes. We are thankful to have their support and would like to congratulate each of these clubs for their success and the success of their former athletes.

Training Pod 1A (98's, 99's and 2000's)
Ethan Beckford - Richmond Hill Soccer Club
Jacob Maurutto - Islington Rangers
Malik Smith - ANB Futbol
Training Pod 2A (2000's, 2001's and 2002's)
Jaytin Pabla - Woodbridge Soccer Club
Julian Dunn - Brampton Youth Soccer Club
Leekwon Kinghorn - Wexford Soccer Club
Matthaus Garcia - Hamilton Sparta Soccer Club
Osaze De Rosario - Markham Soccer Club
Sunny Dhaliwal - Woodbridge Soccer Club
Terique Mohammed - Unionville Milliken Soccer Club
Zakaria Abdi - Vaughan Soccer Club
Training Pod 2B (2001's, 2002's and 2003's)
Jacob Lozano - Ajax Football Club
Isaac Cardoso - Burlington Youth Soccer Club
Isa Abdullah - Bradford Soccer Club
Julian Accettola - Vaughan Soccer Club
Will Manning - Real Salt Lake-Arizona Academy
Joshua Solomon - Vaughan Soccer Club
Training Pod 3A (2003's, 2004's and 2005's)
Gabriel Pellegrino - Woodbridge Soccer Club
Isaiah De Freitas - Unionville Milliken Soccer Club
Keegan Walker - Oakville Soccer Club
Dekwon Barrow - York Jets Soccer Club
Training Pod 3B (2004's, 2005's and 2006's)
Peter Wator - Bolton Wanderers Soccer Club
Matthew Rogers - RVDL Soccer Academy
PierCarlo Arghittu - Elite Soccer Development
Training Pod 3C (2005's and 2006's)
Adonis Botsinis - Woodbridge Soccer Club
Andrea Cimini - Woodbridge Soccer Club 
Tyler Londono - Woodbridge Soccer Club 
Lazar Stefanovic - Oakville Soccer Club
Massimo Caruso - Vaughan Soccer Club
Matthew Dovale - RVDL Soccer Academy
Noah Barna-Zuzic - RVDL Soccer Academy
Philip Biondich - RVDL Soccer Academy
Michael Crocco - Brampton Elite Soccer Academy
Tristan Pusztahegyi - Kitchener Soccer Club
Boris Berezhnoy - Glen Shields Futbol Club
Dony Dosmatov - Vaughan Soccer Club