Vanney Year End

Vanney speaks to the media

The second portion of Toronto FC’s final media session took place on Wednesday, with General Manager Tim Bezbatchenko and head coach Greg Vanney sitting down to discuss TFC’s 2014 season

Vanney discussed his vision for the club, the style of play he wants to employ going forward and his relationship with Michael Bradley.

On the analytics Toronto FC uses

“We use heart rate monitors, we use a variety of tools to assess the workload of the training session. We’re looking at progressing that to a GPS system. This year we’ve used heart rate data. Certain exercises cost us a certain number of workload points. We use the heart rate system to gauge their workrate points. If we get a player that is running hot, we will pull that player from the training session and modify his session in a way that we don’t put them at risk of a muscular injury. A lot of times hamstring and groin injuries come from lack of preparation or overuse.

We also have video tools. Those are used in a number of ways. One we have just the standard view. Then we have a view of the entire field so we can see our shape at any given moment and then we can translate that into what is dots that are moving so we can see our shape relative to each other.”

On his preferred formation

"It would be something that resembles either a striker that is high and one that plays underneath, in the pockets a little more.

I like wide players that have the ability to come inside and create numerical advantages and also are willing to take people on. i like my outside backs to get high. Our midfielders need to be secure in possession.

I prefer to dictate the game in possession of the ball."

On why he’s the right person for the job

"I think i presented a plan to both ownership and the club. I think I understand this league.

I’ve been around this league for many years both as a player and a coach. I understand what it takes to be successful in this league.

In the 10 years I was a player, I missed the playoffs one time. It bothers me to this day that I missed the playoffs in the final year (of my playing career.

This is a unique league. There are unique things that people need to understand in this league to be successful. Part of that is to start with players that understand what it takes to win in this league and build a culture."

On what he wants his players to know

"For me one of the goals is purpose. As a player if I understood the purpose of what I was doing then it was easy for me to commit to doing the work.

Before training everyday I tell the guys this is what we’ll work on and why. I usually will connect it to video from the previous game."

On the high amount of injuries

“For me a lot of it was because we lacked fitness. We lacked fitness strength and durability in a league where you must be fit, strong and durable.”

On how he wants to use Michael Bradley

“For me a player like Michael, really every player, is what is their vision of themselves as a player.

We have to meet on a common ground.

He’s a guy who can dictate the tempo and pace of the game. He’s a guy that can connect all of our pieces together. I don’t see Michael as a playmaker. I see Michael as a guy who can move pieces around and control the speed of the game."