Mayor David Miller, Dwayne De Rosario and Geoff Aunger join MLS Cup flanked by Mounties.

The Trophy Takes Centre Stage

The MLS Cup is called the Philip Anschutz Cup which is odd because it’s a girl.

They brought her to Maple Leafs Square Wednesday to kick off the festivities around the MLS Cup Final (Sunday, November 21, 8:30 p.m. on TSN2).

How do I know the MLS Cup is a girl? Well two square-jawed Mounties hefted her upon a dais Wednesday under a hail of strobes.  The girl owned that stage. Fierce.

VIDEO: The MLS Cup arrives at Maple Leaf Square.

The first time the world saw her was in 2008. Her unveiling came at Tiffany’s in New York.

She has a discreet tattoo. Nothing on her arms, of course, but instead a list of MLS cities discreetly emblazoned under her base.

She is a combination of swirls and lines, substantial yet graceful. She is artfully arranged.

Here’s the telling detail. Her handlers know she is 24 inches high. In fact, the friendly guys at Major League Soccer will tell you everything they know about the MLS Cup except what she weighs.

No one seems to know.

Funny that.

The boys start fighting to take her home Sunday evening at BMO Field.  When you go to the stadium you will find the Colorado Rapids playing FC Dallas.

By the way, Philip Anschutz is an American billionaire who fared modestly well in the oil business then expanded where his whims took him. That was the MLS where he once owned six different teams (at an arm's length) and if that won’t get your name on a cup, very little will.

Toronto FC midfielder Dwayne DeRosario won four championships,  two with San Jose, two with Houston.  Regardless of the trophy, he had fun.

“I brought it around all over the place. I put it up on the table and I looked at it when I woke up in the morning, when I brushed my teeth,” he said. “It reminded me of all the work and the sweat we all had to put out to achieve it.”

Geoff Aunger, a well-respected Canadian player who won a title in MLS and was a standard bearer for Canadian soccer said the Cup was heftier than she looked.

“It is heavy. As the league has progressed the trophies have progressed as well. It’s a very nice trophy,” he said. Aunger enjoyed the predecessor to the present make, the Alan I Rothenberg Trophy with DC United in 1999.

“For our team, nobody took it home. We had a team party. We won it away from home and when we arrived back home in Washington they had to cordon off the airport. We couldn’t drink out of the cup but there was nowhere to drink out of it. My son was a year old and we were sitting their kids on top of it and taking pictures.”

A glittering party girl who parents trust with their babies and whose weight is a secret: she’s a she all right.