Dasovic Looks Ahead

Toronto FC Interim Head Coach Nick Dasovic is already looking ahead to building a squad for next season. Decisions are still to be made on who will fill the positions of General Manager and Head Coach next year, but Dasovic is working closely with other members of the technical staff to ensure the club is in a good position to move forward.

“We as a staff are going forward and looking at is as though we have a job next year,” said Dasovic on The FAN 590 Soccer Show on Thursday night. “We are If someone comes in whether it is tomorrow or in two or three months time and says you are relieved of that duty and will be doing something else then so be it, but at this point we are working hard and we want to get it right.”

“We need to our homework and we have already started to do that. We have got a wish list and we are doing our homework as a staff right now. We want to start getting the right people coming in here and if we can get players in with the right vision and philosophy, we will be moving in the right direction.”

“We will do our work and if we have to move players on that is what we will do. The guys in the team have responded well since I took over but the way we finished the season tells you that we are not where we were last year. Our balance is not right and we don’t really have a lot of wide options,” said Dasovic.

Preseason Plans

Also on Thursday night, at the first of the Town Hall meetings held by the club, Interim Director of Soccer Earl Cochrane talked about plans for preseason in 2011. Although details are yet to be finalized, Cochrane indicated that the team will likely start preseason with a trip to Turkey and then return to North America to spend time training in Orlando. The Reds are also expected to return to Charleston for the Carolina Challenge Cup.

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