Don Garber

Garber Praises Canadian Expansion

Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber praised Toronto FC’s influence within the Canadian corporate community and pointed to it being a major reason why the league is expanding to Vancouver and Montreal.

The Commissioner was a keynote speaker at an event for TFC’s Corporate Partners at the new Real Sports Bar and Grill in Maple Leaf  Square. “One of the things that has helped expand Major League Soccer’s influence throughout Canada has been the corporate community,” he said.

“You can see how important this team is for BMO and for other partners. We were able to use that model and take it to Montreal and Vancouver and really show that this is a sport that can deliver value to corporations.”

Garber praised Toronto’s jersey sponsorship deal with BMO which was recently extended through until 2016. “TFC’s new deal with Bank of Montreal is one of the largest deals in sports for its type and it something we are very proud of,” he explained. “It is a great partnership and it has set the stage for so many other partnerships with so many corporations that get value through their the association and continue to push the envelope with great promotions, great advertisements and merchandising activities that extend what we do.”

During his speech Garber talked about his experiences at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, and also said he would be happy for MLS to trial goal line technology for FIFA if the sport’s governing body decides to go down that route.

Despite only just returning to North America from the World Cup, Garber was pleased to have the opportunity to visit Toronto and see the work that has taken place at Maple Leaf Square which will play a key role in TFC’s hosting of the 2010 MLS Cup in November.

“Toronto FC is one of the great banner franchises in Major League Soccer so any time I have the opportunity to come up to Toronto and support MLSE it is a pleasure and honour to do that. The corporate community is such an important part of our business and helping to build soccer in Canada. This sport has always resonated with the corporate community in a broad sense but now it is really resonating Major League Soccer.”

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