Schedule and Speakers


8:30am – Doors Open

9:00am – Welcome and Introductions

9:10am – Coaching Session 1 – Gianni Cimini - “A Constraint Led Approach: Developing Attacking Behaviors to Destabilize Opponents in the Final Third”

9:40am – Q&A

9:45am – Coaching Sessions 2 – Anthony Capotosto - “Playing with your feet vs. Playing with your mind: Comparing isolated technical repetition with decision-making in a tactical situation”

10:15pm – Q&A

10:20am – Coaching Sessions 3 – Marco Casalinouvo - "Training Technical Proficiency of Youth Players Around the Goal"

10:50am - Q&A

10:55am – Coaching Session 4 – Victor Satei (TFC JR’s) - “Developing individual attacking confidence and competence to be successful in different moments of the game”

11:25am – Q&A

11:30am – Thank You to Coaches

11:40am – First Team Representative/TFC Business Operations

11:50am - Q&A

12:00pm - First Team Representative/TFC Business Operations

12:10pm - Q&A

12:20pm - Q&A Panel – Academy Coaches – West Club

12:40pm - Special Guest Appearance

1:00pm - Conclusion

*Coaches and Speakers are subject to change, due to team schedules, at any given time