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Everyone knows that a great coach is not only a leader, but also a role model, a guardian, a patron, and a friend. It is under such management and trust that successful clubs, teams and players are formed.

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Ever thought about becoming a soccer referee?

Refereeing allows you to be a mentor for players of all ages due to the fact that you're enforcing the rules and upholding the integrity of the game. Soccer Officials are given the heralded task of being impartial no matter who is on the field. A good referee possesses strong character building qualities that all players can look up to, such as integrity, fairness and courage.

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Here at TFC on the Road Powered by Rogers we are dedicated to spreading the joy and enthusiasm of the exhilarating sport of soccer. "On The Road" events bring soccer to all areas of Ontario and is appealing to the youth with interactive, entertaining and challenging "zones". We also take great consideration for the supportive parents of these motivated kids. Without parental support, upcoming soccer players would not have their biggest supporters, coaches, and means of transportation. The opportunities to actively support the spectacular sport of soccer are infinite.

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