Community Events

Toronto FC is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of youth and children in our own community and around the world, who face challenges that limit their involvement in the sport.

We support organizations that use soccer as a developmental and learning tool - those who teach the benefits of strong leadership, teamwork, communication skills, as well as the importance of good health and fair play.

We believe that the lessons of the sport strengthen self-confidence and empower youth to make strong decisions, helping them become well-adjusted and responsible adults.

TFC Twelve

Back and excited to get into its third year TFC//TWELVE continues to be inspired by you, our "12th Man". For twelve straight days this summer, Toronto FC players, coaches, front office staff, Academy, community members and organizations will all come together for the purpose of recognizing and supporting important initiatives and efforts in and around our city. Check back here for more information, including an events calendar outlining all the fantastic organizations we are working with this summer!

Kick Off Party

At the start of every season, Toronto FC hosts a unique one of a kind event where season seat holders come together with our first team and celebrate the start of a new season. This is the first opportunity of the year for fans to meet the team.

Players Gala

Every year, the MLSE Foundation hosts a VIP exclusive event where guests have the opportunity to interact with players from all four teams; Leafs, Raptors, Marlies, and Toronto FC.  Net proceeds raised at Players' Gala support the MLSE Foundation in refurbishing local hockey rinks, basketball courts and soccer pitches, and will fund programs that provide kids of all abilities with more access to sports.

90th Minute

Following the last game of every season, Toronto FC hosts an event called the 90th minute. This is the time of the year for fans to interact with the team in a relaxed atmosphere sharing memories from the past season.

Sick Kids Hospital Visit

Toronto FC engages in several appearances and community programs in the community, however there are fans that these programs do not reach due to illness, disability, and other limitations. In part, every year the full Toronto FC team travels to the Hospital for Sick Children where they visit youth staying at the hospital.