TORONTO FC - our brief history and bright future

Toronto FC became a reality on October 2005, when Major League Soccer granted Toronto a franchise for a new team, in conjunction with the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) plans to build a new National soccer stadium in Toronto under a unique public/private partnership between MLSE, City of Toronto, Province of Ontario and the Federal Government.

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) and Major League Soccer (MLS) officials unveiled Toronto FC as the city's newest professional sports team on May 11, 2006. Toronto FC became Major League Soccer's 13th team and began playing in April 2007.

The name "Toronto FC" was selected for its simplicity. The acronym FC is synonymous with soccer and great soccer clubs around the world who chose to emphasize their cities' names. The logo integrates a traditional shield with contemporary imagery. The red and white kits the players wear display our Canadian connection. The Toronto FC name allows our fans to adopt a nickname that truly reflects the team character that develops this inaugural season.

BMO Field is the first soccer-specific stadium in Canada and is home to Toronto FC and the Canadian National teams. BMO Field is located at the Exhibition Place in Downtown Toronto. The facility is owned by the City of Toronto and has a winter bubble which supports year round usage by community, youth and adult soccer groups and leagues.

Toronto FC offers the city the highest level of professional soccer in North America and a team they can all call their own. Toronto provides the perfect backdrop for the world's number one sport, given our city's diversity and affinity for soccer. The support we have received from the city and our 16,000 passionate season seat holders ensures a promising future. We are committed to making Toronto FC and Major League Soccer a success. Our goal is to build a brand that thinks globally and appeals to the diversity of our community, but acts locally to deliver outstanding entertainment to Toronto FC fans.

Our Goal for Toronto FC is to become Canada's soccer team, a team that young Canadian players can aspire to play for; representing the diversity of Toronto and the tradition of the beautiful game at the highest level in North America. Toronto FC will unleash authentic passion and emotion from our fans, creating a unique connection that will stand out from the rest of the league. Our fans can look forward to developing a special relationship with our players, watching intense, competitive soccer and celebrating the sport with our team and our staff.

Toronto FC is also committed to growing soccer in Canada. We will work with the Canadian Soccer Association and Ontario Soccer Association to further develop the sport in our country. Toronto FC completes the path for youth to start at the grassroots level and to progress to the top level of the sport at home. Our History is brief but our future is indeed, very bright as we look forward to sharing it with everyone.

Toronto FC
// All for One